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A Musical Theater curriculum for ages 3-7,
where every child gets to be in the limelight!

Little Limelight gives dance studios and early childhood educators the tools to teach the magic of Musical Theater while increasing revenue and enrollment. 

What We Do for Students

Little Limelight helps young children build their confidence and self-esteem while joyfully discovering the many gifts that make them unique and special! Through our dynamic and age-appropriate performing arts curriculum, students are . . . continue reading >

What We Do for Teachers

"Having the curriculums week by week already planned out has been a HUGE lifesaver." Myla H.

Our progressive Musical Theater lesson plans and accompanying materials are detailed and easy to follow.  We empower early childhood teachers to confidently implement course content through engaging video training modules, step-by-step lesson plans and. . . continue reading >

What We Do for Studio Owners

Our Little Limelight program can strengthen enrollment and contribute to your studio's long-term growth and sustainability​. . . . continue reading >

Bring something meaningful and unique to your community with Little Limelight!

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Little Limelight Curriculum Life (5.5 × 2.5 in) (8).png

Teachers LOVE 

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Danny Hutchins

"Through age-appropriate activities and stories, I found that the lessons inspired children to use their imagination to a much larger extent than in a typical preschool arts or dance class...The lessons are clearly laid out step-by-step so that no robust background in musical theater is required; all that is needed is a love of dance, music, and imagination! As a teacher, I looked forward to my Little Limelight Musical Theater classes every week and found something new and exciting in them every year."


Erica Wolf

"As a dance teacher, I was new to early childhood musical theater concepts, but the Little Limelight curriculum is packed with helpful tools and is easy to follow!  I spend about the same time preparing for a Musical Theater class as I do my regular dance classes, and sometimes less because the curriculum is so detailed and clear!  I have so much fun with my Musical Theater students each week and highly recommend Little Limelight!"


Zoe Iacovelli 

"My Little Limelight classes are a blast to teach! My students love the class structure; they come into class each day eager and excited to learn. The lesson plans are easy to follow and equally impactful on the kids. My favorite part of the class is seeing the students' confidence grow in such a short time. In a low-stakes environment, students feel comfortable taking big risks and quickly develop into confident performers. I look forward to teaching this class every week!"

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