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Who We Help

What We Do for Students

Build self-esteem while fostering a love of the arts, where every child matters.

  • We help students build confidence and self-esteem while joyfully discovering the many gifts that make them unique and special!

  • Through our dynamic and age-appropriate performing arts curriculum, students are introduced to Musical Theater concepts through singing, movement, and imaginative play.  

  • Participation in theater is proven to build confidence, empathy, listening and speaking skills, and can increase a child's capacity for cognitive flexibility. 

  • We help foster these life skills and others as well as a love for the performing arts in every class. 

  • Our years of expertise in this field, combined with young children's natural musical, creative, and artistic abilities, are sure to make Musical Theater your students' favorite day of the week!

What We Do for Teachers

Bring Musical Theater to your classrooms without adding extra work.

  • Our progressive Musical Theater lesson plans and accompanying materials are detailed and easy to follow.  

  • We empower early childhood teachers to confidently implement course content through engaging video training modules, step-by-step lesson plans and a robust package of resources. 

  • We know that not everyone who teaches a Little Limelight class will have a theater background, and that's why we've thought of every detail.  From done-for-you class playlists to thorough descriptions of games and exercises, we've taken care of the details so that you can focus on your students!  

What We Do for Studio Owners

Boost revenue by offering our one-of-a-kind program.

  • Little Limelight can help strengthen enrollment, which will ultimately contribute to long-term growth and sustainability.  Email us to learn more about how this program can work for you!

  • Your team will appreciate the ease of implementing our ready-to-go lesson plans!

  • Your community will thank you for continuing to find new ways to create a lasting impact on the next generation!

Bring something meaningful and unique to your community with Little Limelight!

For Teachers

Teachers LOVE 

Hubert headshot.jpg

Sarah Hubert

"I have been teaching the preschool age group for years and never found a curriculum that works as well as Little Limelight! The easy-to-follow lesson plans logically flow from one week to the next so that the class can grow skills while maintaining a fun, low-stakes atmosphere. In just a few weeks, students grow confidence, make connections, and begin to develop a love of Musical Theater. Everyone should try Little Limelight!"

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